Tutorials and attribute

Start website basic code.



Comment: used to put information or notes, place message between dashes

example; comment

<!-- -->

LIST: put items into a ordered, unordered, and definition list.

example; ordered, unordered, and definition

  1. apple
  2. orange
  3. grapes

  • bannan
  • pears
  • peaches

Item 01
Item 01 definition
Item 02
Item 02 definition

HR: horzonal rule code.

example; horzonal rule

Table: use to put information into grid to display.

example; table, 3 row and 3 columns

R1C1 R1C2 R1C3
R2C1 R2C2 R2C3
R3C1 R3C2 R3C3

Taxtarea: put code into textbox to copy or write from.


The <iframe> tag can be used to create an inline frame or subwindow within a web page. This allows a web page to be displayed inside of the current web page. If the browser does not support iframes then the content between the opening and closing <iframe> tags is displayed.

Form: use to input data into site to be used by site.




Attribute Belongs to Description
width and height width="130" height="198" pixels or percentage
frameborder frameborder="0"
scrolling scrolling="no"
scorce src="../images/eightball.gif"
name and id name="imgbox" id="imgbox"
target target="imgbox"

HTML: list of html coding.

&: list of ampes coding.